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    Additive for floor and wall cleaners that increases insect repellent properties. Contains citrodiol, citronella and natural essences. Protect your home safely and effectively.


    Water-based anti-radiation paint to shield high and low frequencies indoors and outdoors. Eliminates and diverts radiation to ground, protecting people from harmful exposure. Quick drying, easy repainting and high performance.

    Secado 6-8 horas.
    Repintado 10-12 horas. Se recomiendan dos capas a brocha cruzadas.
    Rendimiento Consumo recomendado 400 ml/m².
    MICROLEV Microcement

    MICROLEV Microcement, thin layer coating with cork microgranules, ideal for floors, walls and ceilings. Decorative and warm finishes, interior and exterior. Adheres to various surfaces.

    Aplicación Llana, pistola o máquina de proyección adecuada
    Rendimiento 1 L/m².
    Texturas Media y fina
    Colores Carta de 400 colores y 28 colores de Corcho Proyectado.
    10 l. 10-l
    Ref. A351 Ref. A351-1

    Single-component, medium-grain sprayed cork coating with thermal properties, breathable, non-toxic and biodegradable. Ideal for facades and walls.

    Granulometría 0,4 -0,6 mm.
    Aplicación Pistola o Máquina de proyección Suberlev.
    Rendimiento 2 kg/m²
    Conductividad térmica 0,061 W/mºK (EN 12667).
    Permeabilidad al agua líquida 0,058 kg/(m²·h0,5) (UNE-EN 1062-3).
    12 Kg.
    Ref. NOVO

    Anti-graffiti treatment that protects your surfaces from graffiti, markers and animal urine. Creates a waterproof barrier, easy to clean with hot water and a steam cleaner. Simple application without altering the surface.

    Rendimiento 0,30 - 0,40 L/m².
    Secado tacto 6-12 horas.
    15L. - 7 years 3L 3l 750ml
    Ref. A358 Ref. 024 Ref. 024-1 Ref. A358-1

    FUNGILEV, broad-spectrum sanitizing cleaner for walls and walls. Eliminates fungi, mold, bacteria and algae. Ideal for disinfecting before painting, applying sprayed cork or as a preventive treatment.

    Rendimiento Aproximadamente de 0,15 L/m².
    Aplicación Con brocha, rodillo o pulverizado, en una o dos capas, según el grado de contaminación.
    5 L. 5 L. 1-l 5-l
    Ref. 026 Ref. 025 Ref. 025-2 Ref. 026-1