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    One-component resin in aqueous dispersion to compact and stabilize the blown beads (XPS, EPS, etc.). Yield 6-8 L/500 L (EPS) and 50% water diluent.

    Rendimiento 6 - 8 L por cada 500 L de insuflado (EPS, etc).
    Diluyente Agua al 50%.

    Latest generation acrylic primer-fixative with nanotechnology for exceptional penetration, adhesion and consolidation on lime, tempera, plaster, cement, clay surfaces and more. Ideal for preparing facades and roofs before painting.

    Secado 1-2 horas.
    Repintado 3-4 horas.
    Rendimiento 0,04 L/m² (4L = 100 m²; 15L = 375 m²). Dependiendo absorción del soporte.
    Dilución 4 partes de agua y 1 parte de fijador, dependiendo de la absorción de la superficie.