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" The most economic energy is the non-consumed "

Sprayed cork, isolation and Suberlev Thermal Painting

Construction products specialized in insulation and energy saving

The concept of building materials has remained unchanged for years. Only in recent times has it tended to modernization and technological development, thus giving rise to new elements and components that constitute a true revolution in this field, such as Suberlev products.
Specialized in the sprayed cork, Suberlev offers you a whole range of products for building insulation, such as thermal painting, thermal correctors, anti-radiation paints or thermal chambers.
Browse our website and our catalog and check all the advantages in insulation and energy savings offered by Suberlev products.

Aislamiento Corcho proyectado


The sprayed cork is a natural coating, thin layer and without joints, formulated based on sterilized (vaporized) granules of natural cork, creating an ecological and natural material, and that constitutes a revolution in the construction sector thanks to its multiple Features: waterproof, breathable, elastic, thermal and acoustic isolation.

Its application is carried out by means of an industrial spray gun together with an air compressor, so that it can be applied on a multitude of surfaces (facades, floors, roofs, terraces, walls ...). The cork lining is glued to the surface and provides a durable solution for both moisture and thermoacoustic protection and waterproofing.

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Suberlev and Cámara de Comercio
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