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Suberlev collaborates in the Energy Globe Award 2018

The Sustainable Energy House of the IES Cotes Baixes wins the award

Suberlev has collaborated with the winning project of the Energy Globe Award 2018, the "Energetic Sustainable House" of the I.E.S Cotes Baixes (Alcoi, Spain). There are five categories of these awards, Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Youth, and it is in Youth where, the house of 30 square meters, has been the winner, being the first time that a high school training center takes this award. Suberlev collaborated with the interior thermal painting Thermo-interiors SHIELD, both on ceilings and on walls. To thank those responsible for the project and the Institute, who have had our products to recreate the project, and to take a step further to raise awareness that you can live in an ecological, sustainable, effective and respectful way.

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